We are Fully insured and licensed. We offer reliable, QUALITY, Lawn Care and Landscaping services, as well as Home Maintenance at an affordable price. Our clients are typically homeowners and business owners who outsource all of their maintenance to our one-stop process. We estimate the job properly; charge a fair hourly rate for our services, and use quality, proven materials.

Caligreen Landscaping & Handyman


The landscape was utterly alien yet made all the more heartbreaking by the familiar debris under our boots. What once was a city is now a wasteland, the the twisted metal of the skyscrapers break the skyline like charred trees.I instantly want to return to the countryside, to where there is still life however difficult and monotonous.


A handyman performs a wide range of simple to complex odd jobs for individuals or groups at residential or commercial locations. As a handyman, you might work full- or part-time as an independent contractor or employee.