All tree and palm services (removals and pruning)

All tree and palm services  (removals and pruning)

Tree pruning or trimming is the act of shortening branches or removing them completely in order to improve the natural growth of the tree and it's visual appearance.The reason why we state tree pruning or trimming as a specialty is because each tree has a different structural format in accordance to the way branches are grown and cut.It is imperative that you contact professional tree loppers or surgeons for this as pruning or trimming a tree the wrong way by doing it yourself may result in unwanted growth such as oddly fused branches growing where they shouldn't. This means ridding the trees of any dead, unwanted branches, to better their health,growth and overall appearance.

Tree Removal:
Do you have a tree that has been diseased, damaged, or simply poses a threat to your home during a storm or in powerful winds? Are the branches of your trees or palms looking a little lanky and tired? Do you wish you could stump grind and get rid of that age-old tree stump that's been there since you moved in? We have the solution! Here at Caligreen Landscaping & Handyman we make customer satisfaction and happiness our number one priority. We operate with a team of tree specialists that have mastered the craft of tree, palm and shrub surgery whilst taking customer service to a whole new level. This includes affordable rates for the home owner, being punctual to all appointments and above all else we strive to treat each and every

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